Fully Framed

image001Fully aluminium screens that have no exposed glass edges are very low maintenance and child friendly. Pivot doors are the most popular choice in showerscreens, with good reason. For a start they give you a wider opening than traditional sliding doors. The clean uninterrupted expanse of glass makes them less obtrusive, especially with the slim, modern frames.

Our Dimension series is ideal for the value-conscious builder or renovator. It embodies Pivotech quality in a flexible, long-lasting and affordable design. Dimension shower enclosures are versatile and adapt to just about any bathroom size or layout. These shower screens can be designed to your specific measurements.

Dimension shower doors are perfect for busy family bathrooms.

Assisted Living Shower

image003The Phoenix sill-less is perfect where barrier free access is required, like assisted living facilities.

The Phoenix fully framed shower enclosures offer trusted and definitive design. Removing the sill allows for seamless, uninterrupted movement from the bathroom into the shower.

The headless/sill-less screen allows for unrestricted height access and a freely accessible shower.

Being side hinged means full width entry is available, making the Phoenix Sill-less perfect for hospitals, institutions and private homes where additional care is provided.